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Love your food

Nicole, 10 Jul 2021

Always great food and service

Michelle, 26 Jun 2021

Order tracking doesn’t work.

Kevin, 26 Jun 2021

Did not follow instructions Not coming back

Sridhar, 11 Jun 2021

If ordering Wednesday or Thursday delivery meets the time on food hub /stripe of 40 mins. However, if ordering on Friday night the delivery time is greater than 1hr. I phoned to confirm why my order had taken that long and was told that 40 mins was wrong and 45-60 mins was the delivery time, this order had taken longer than that, no explanation given. I was also told deliveries were groped together, which means that your order isn't hot, even though you are paying the full fee.

Tara, 28 May 2021

If ordering on a Wednesday or Thursday night they make and deliver within the Food hub /stripe suggested time of 40 mins. Friday nights are a different story, it takes over 1hr, and your order is delivered with other orders which means it isn't hot. I phone to quarrying the delivery time and was told it takes 45-60 mins, even though I had just explained I had waited over an hour for my order. Why am I paying full delivery fee if my order waits around with other orders.

Tara, 28 May 2021

Always good flavour.

Junior, 26 May 2021

Make kids meal options as more mild. When I choose option for mild, still spicy for my children

Jiaravi, 09 May 2021

Can’t call. Tried many times. Need to get your phone system sorted. Brilliant food though. Our favorite restaurant

Joel, 09 May 2021

Order took 1.5hrs when we rang to see where it was they had no idea, was told that they would call me back and never did. Cheese naan was the greasiest I’ve ever had and onion bhaji was soggy.

Emma, 23 Apr 2021

Consistently tasty & value for money.

Lisa, 17 Apr 2021

Tasty & authentic!

Lisa, 11 Apr 2021


Damien, 02 Apr 2021

My FAVOURITE place to order from.

Shekinah, 07 Mar 2021

Very very tasty meals. Excellent service

Ryan, 03 Mar 2021

Why no discount for online order now...

Doris, 22 Feb 2021


Doris, 22 Feb 2021

Very tasty and value for money.

Lisa, 20 Feb 2021

Always delicious! Thanks you.

Bianca, 14 Feb 2021

Great food, cannot get enough!

Lachlan, 14 Feb 2021

The Chicken 65 had mixed hard and soft chicken which gave us bit mixed feelings. Food quality was down compair to our first order. Did not meet our expectations and have to say goodbye as won't order again

Shrmila, 13 Feb 2021

Order tracking from the email is not working.

Kevin, 13 Feb 2021

What happened to discount for ordering direct? What are you supposed to do with points earned on takeaway orders?

Sharon, 08 Feb 2021

Great flavours and friendly service.

Simon, 29 Jan 2021

Good food it lovely

Gaberiel, 19 Jan 2021


Tim, 12 Jan 2021